FreeBar is a network of LGBT+ people and allies who work at and with the Bar. We are working towards a Bar that is an inclusive and supportive place to be, by connecting people and sharing best practices.

Chambers – the traditional business model for self-employed barristers – are often unusual workplaces, and we want to ensure that there are policies and best practices available that will work within existing structures. We also think it’s important for barristers and other professionals who work with them to work together towards inclusive and supportive working environments. To that end, FreeBar is made up of practice managers, barristers, clerks, administrative staff and other professionals connected with the Bar.

FreeBar launched in 2016, having grown out of a collaboration between people at five chambers: Matrix, Gatehouse Chambers, No5 Chambers, 3 Hare Court, and 5 Paper Buildings. Since then, our membership has widened to people from across the Bar and we’ve put our governance on a (slightly) more formal footing. We’ve run a variety of initiatives and events, and are always interested in new ideas and new members: please get in touch  if you’re interested in our work.