The FreeBar Charter

FreeBar is a group of barristers and people who work with barristers. Following wide consultation and discussion, we have produced the FreeBar Charter.

The Charter aims to guide organisations in implementing best practice with regards to LGBT+ inclusion, allowing them to demonstrate to potential applicants and clients that they are (or are working towards becoming) an LGBT+ inclusive organisation.

The Charter is a checklist of basic steps which we believe are practical and meaningful. By publicising that they have taken those steps, organisations will send out an important message that they are welcoming to LGBT+ people.

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FreeBar Best Practice Note

People perform better when they can be themselves: it enables Chambers to attract and retain the best talent, and a diverse workforce represents society and our client base as a whole.

FreeBar has developed a top tips guide of best practice in supporting, including and, attracting LGBT+ staff and members, as a write up of our Best Practice event attended by industry professionals on 30 October 2017. You may want to consider implementing some of the following suggestions in your chambers to create a more inclusive environment.


FreeBar Best Practice

Further organisations, guidance and resources

There are a range of organisations whose work helps to improve the mental health and professional lives of LGBT+ barristers and staff. Attached are some of the organisations that may be able to provide further support, guidance or help expand your network.


FreeBar Further Organisations and Resources

FreeBar response to BSB consultation on diversity monitoring

FreeBar filed a response (which was supported by other individuals and organisations) to the Bar Standards Board consultation on removing the restriction on the publication by Chambers and BSB entities of sexual orientation monitoring data. FreeBar supported the removal of the restriction, not only in the interests of enhance disclosure and transparency, but for the more fundamental reason that this will promote the Bar as a visibly inclusive workplace for barristers and staff. Details of the original consultation are available here


FreeBar response to BSB consultation (as filed – 4 July 2018)