Genna King

I didn’t even realise that I was able to express my gender in a way that was outside of the binary until I met a non-binary person for the first time. Coincidentally, this person was also a pupil barrister, whom is now a dear friend of mine. Up until this point, I had thought I wasn’t queer enough to be non-binary and certainly that there was no space for non-binary people in the legal sphere. How glad I am that I was wrong.

I have met so many wonderful queer people through being an employed barrister, many of whom are now my chosen family. However, the workplace poses particular challenges for queer and marginalised people. In response to these challenges, two other trans colleagues and I founded a diversity network, the Trans+ Awareness Group, to advocate for trans inclusion in the workplace in a way which doesn’t undermine, but supports, the trans community’s rich diversity.