Oscar Davies

I was reticent to come out as non-binary at the Bar because I hadn’t heard of anyone who was.

As a pupil, the Taylor v Jaguar Land Rover case came out (establishing that non-binary could be protected under the Equality Act). I wrote an article about it for chambers’ website and did a Twitter thread that went viral on what the case meant to me as non-binary lawyer.

A few months down the line I was offered tenancy and had my name written on the chambers’ wooden board, using the honorific Mx instead of Ms/Miss/Mr. Having Mx on a board was held by the press (Times, Reuters, Legal Cheek) as a ‘legal first’ and, whilst I cannot be absolutely sure if it is, I am proud to have taken that step, if not only for my benefit but also for the benefit of others.

Now I have an Instagram (@nonbinarybarrister) where I share resources on laws affecting trans and non-binary people. I inform people of their rights and clarify the law which can be at times very opaque. I was recently nominated as one of the ‘Top 10 Outstanding Contribution to LGBT+ Life’ by the British LGBT Awards 2022.

I hope by being visible I can encourage other non-binary/gender fluid/trans people to come (out) to the Bar who may otherwise have felt unseen/unwelcome.